Formax Atlas C200 High-Speed Automatic Creaser

atlas c200
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Key Features

  • Fully automatic setup

  • 7" color touchscreen control panel

  • Up to 8,500 sheets per hour

  • Up to 16 creases per sheet

  • Maximum sheet size: 19,6” x 27,5”

  • Bottom-suction air feed table

  • Perforating capabilities come standard

  • Sheets up to 27.5" x 12.9"

7” color touchscreen control panel

Powerful bottom-suction air-feed system allows for continuous loading, increasing productivity and greater feeding accuracy

The Atlas C200 is the second model in the Formax Atlas line of fully automatic creasers. Just like the C100, the C200 uses a bottom-suction air feed system which allows documents to be loaded continuously so it can crease up to 8,500 sheets per hour. But the C200 is made to handle sheets as large as 27.5” x 19.6”, with the optional extension it can process sheets as long as 35.4”.

Job set up with the Atlas C200 couldn’t be easier, the large 7” touchscreen features 6 pre-programmed settings and can store unlimited custom job settings. The C200 automatically calculates the proper crease positions based on your paper size. Simply enter the size of the document and the C200 will set the proper positions accordingly. Perforating is also possible with the Atlas C200, giving you even more flexibility. The sturdy, reliable C200 stands only 48” high by 59” long is the perfect addition to small print shops that need a compact, space-saving solution to their digital finishing needs.

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