Some equipment manufacturers require their dealers to provide installation, operator training and service labor (manufacturer provides the parts) during the warranty period (usually one year) for certain "restricted" equipment. The manufacture wants to be sure you are happy with the installation and operation of their equipment at your location.  Because the cost of providing this support varies according to the distance you are located from ABC Company  in Carmel, Indiana, our bare bones cash prices quoted for "restricted" equipment do not include this service package.   

When you purchase a service package,  a technician will come to your location, install the equipment, train your operator how to use it, and provide labor, travel and telephone support during your first year of equipment ownership.  A service package may be purchased from OnSite Maintenance Center, a national service organization dedicated to maintaining and repairing finishing, binding and framing equipment. Their technicians are located in every major city in the United States.   See Brochure (PDF file)


Prices for on-site install, train and service package for various "restricted" equipment  may be higher for some very remote locations.