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The following are our Bare Bones CASH prices. 

ABC Bare Bones prices are only available on SEMACON products purchased from ABC. 
A 3% cash discount is already calculated into ABC Bare Bones prices.  Purchases on NET 30 terms
(government agencies and schools only) or with a credit card do not qualify for this discount and,
therefore, it will be added back to the price on your invoice.

ABC Bare Bones prices do not include shipping, except where noted, and do not include installation.

All prices are US Dollars and are subject to change without notice.  We reserve  the right to refuse

to sell to anyone.                                                                                                                           Revised  11/18/2017




    S1600 $619  
    S1615 $689  
    S1625 $828  
    S1600V $845  
    S1615V $935  
    S1625V $1,145