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Did you know the fax was invented BEFORE the telephone?

Curious FACTS about FAX from

l The fax machine was invented before the telephone was invented.

l   The first facsimile (FAX) system was invented in 1842.

l Alexander Bain, a Scottish physicist and clockmaker, invented the fax.

l The first rudimentary facsimile system consisted of swinging a pendulum over metallic type. Contact with the type caused an electric current to flow over wires to a distant swinging pendulum synchronized with the first. Chemically treated paper was positioned under the pendulum, and produced a brown image when the current passed from the pendulum to the paper.

l The first fax system was too costly and complicated to gain any widespread popularity, especially after the emergence of the telegraph.

l In 1870, revolving drums and special scanning techniques added to the earlier fax system revived interest in fax development.

l The first photograph was transmitted via fax in 1904 by American inventor, Arthur Korn.

l By 1910 newspapers in Berlin, London and Paris were exchanging photographs via fax by utilizing radio waves.

l AT&T established the first fax cable system between New York and London in 1924.

l It took 6 minutes to send a single page via fax in 1924. (Group I fax machines)

l It took 3 minutes to send a page via fax in 1974. (Group II fax machines)

l It took 1 minute to send a page via fax in 1980. (Group III fax machines)

l A page can be sent via fax today in  1.7 seconds (Group III fax  machine at 33.6Kbps)

l Magnavox manufactured and Xerox marketed the first commercial fax machine in 1966.

l No fax machines are manufactured in the United States today. Most are manufactured in Japan, Korea and China. .

l Fax machines could not be connected to public telephone lines until 1968, when the U.S. Supreme Court ruled they could be.

l There were only about 30,000 fax machines in the United States in l970. Today there are over 18 million.

l A richly featured fax machine sold for as much as $20,000 in l982. Today, a fax machine with many more features and using plain paper sells for under $1,000.

l Plain paper fax machines use one of  three different print mediums--ink, film or toner. Which is best for a particular business depends on volume and content of incoming faxes.

l Small telephones with fax capability are on the market today. The fax industry predicts every home will have one soon.

l The fax machine has evolved into a multifunction machine connected to the computer network in most offices today.  It can copy, print, and scan as well as fax.



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