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timeQplus Biometric Communication Options

With the ability to connect multiple terminals and use multiple communications protocols, timeQplus Biometric time and attendance systems offer amazing flexibility and ease-of-use. Set up as many terminals as you need, where ever they will be convenient for your employees to use.

You can even "mix-and-match" communications options to suit your business needs (note, however, that you cannot use RS232 and RS485 at the same time on the same PC). Contact the Acroprint Systems Sales department at 800-334-7190 for more information.

RS232 (one-to-one):
The timeQplus system comes with a 30-foot RS232 cable included. This is the simplest set up, where a single terminal is connected directly to a PC via the RS232 cable. It's ideal for smaller facilities with one main entrance/exit.

Illustration of timeQplus Biometric RS232 configuration
RS485 (one-to-many):
The RS485 configuration is excellent for locations having multiple entrances and exits. The maximum communication distance is 3,200 feet. While you can connect up to 32 terminals using RS485, for maximum performance we recommend you connect no more than 10 using this option. RS485 cable is available separately from Acroprint; Contact the Acroprint Systems Sales department at 800-334-7190 for more information.
Illustration of timeQplus Biometric RS485 configuration
Ethernet (many-to-many):
The timeQplus Biometric system includes a 6-foot Ethernet (TCP/IP) cable. This is the most flexible of the alternatives, allowing any computer on the network to connect to any terminal on the network. It is particularly well suited for larger facilities. (Please note: this type of connection is designed for use on LANs only; it is not supported for Internet-based connections.)
Illustration of timeQplus Biometric Ethernet configuration

General Notes:

  • Employees may be assigned to one or more terminals using the included Attendance Rx software. Employees may clock in and out at any terminal to which they have been assigned — even use one terminal to clock in and a different terminal to clock out!
  • The system initially accommodates up to 125 employees. You may upgrade the software to handle additional employees, in 25-employee increments, up to a maximum of 250 employees. Contact the Acroprint Systems Sales department at 800-334-7190 for more information or to order a software upgrade.

These samples are intended to give you an idea of the general types of terminal connection configurations that may be possible with timeQplus Biometric.

For more detailed information, download timeQplus Biometric terminal connection diagrams:

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