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What are Security Perforators?

Security perforators use plated dies to punch dotted words, abbreviations, and/or numbers into documents. Commonly used for accounting and record keeping purposes, plates such as "PAID", "VOID", and "CNCLD" can be ordered. Plates are generally custom ordered for specific applications. Security perforators can also perforate the date for further validation.  

One important consideration when purchasing a security perforator is the amount of characters that the plate head can handle. The maximum amount of characters ranges from 6 to 10, but can vary slightly depending on character width.

P-400 Manual Document Perforator
Widmer C-400 A heavy-duty manual perforator with solid steel handle and fulcrum pin mechanism which provides an easy to use smooth single cutting action.  This secure method of punching permanently voids or validates multiple documents simultaneously. 
Actual Letter size 3/8" inch    
Perfect for... 3Bills 3Payments
3Security 3Checks 3Certificates
3Deposits 3Claims 3Vouchers
3Passbooks 3Forms 3Invoices

Models               Prints                                                                 Cash Prices

P-400-P    "PAID" $523.00
P-400-V "VOID" $523.00
P-400-C "CNCLD"  $601.00
P-400-PO "PAGADO" $601.00
P-400-CO "CANCELADO" $740.00
P-400-CAN "CANCELLED" $740.00
P-400-R "RETIRED" $669.00
P-400-U Universal Text Prints Any 5 or 6 Characters $740.00


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