Widmer QD-2000 Quick Depository

  • Convenient to use and improves customer satisfaction, especially during times of peak traffic

  • Customers receive instantaneously validated receipts for deposits or payments

  • Three color validation to inhibit duplication

  • Bank Identification & number year date and time are printed

  • To use, fill out the envelope, seal it and detach the receipt. Put the envelope in the slot, and place the receipt in the validation. After validation, remove the receipt and keep it as your record.

Height 42 in
Length 20 in
Width 20 in
Weight 135 lbs

cash prices               

QD-2000 Quick Depository Machine   (Minimum order 5) $2,920.00  
QD-C-2000 Quick Depository Machine without Cabinet (Minimum order 1) $1,699.00   
VCQ  Voltage and/or cycle other than 110V/60Hz $92.00   
WTR2000 Envelopes (minimum order of 1,000)  $399.00   

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