Widmer T-3  Time & Date Stamp                  Cash Price Details

The Widmer Digital T-3 Electronic Time Stamp makes a great first impression, every time.  The T-3 is designed and manufactured in America, by Widmer, pacesetters in precision time recording technology. It consistently delivers high-quality, clear, crisp, impressions, and incorporates the most sophisticated design and technology available. Simply insert any document for imprint, and stamping is instantaneous. Durability and long life are built into each Widmer Time Stamp, assuring you years of trouble-free operation. Date advances automatically each day, except at the end of each month.

Designed today for tomorrow's needs

  • Accurate and Dependable. The heavy-duty synchronous motor insures accuracy.

  • Electronically controlled printing insures instant clean, clear registrations.

  • Automatic ribbon feed and reverse assures long ribbon life.

  • Sensitive trigger. Will accept even light weight paper instantly.

  • Quiet operation

  • Wide selection of print styles

  • Time / date setting is as simple as can be. 

  • Quick-Change Ribbons, with no fuss, no mess, and no inky fingers.

  • Adjustable potentiometer lets you change stamping pressure to accommodate any multi-form document.

  • Widmer's optional Feather Touch sensing switch lets you imprint on onion skin and other tissue-like doc's. 

  • Wide-mouth, pass-through design lets you stamp everything from small tickets, to larger letter-sized doc's. 

  • Soft duo-tone color blends harmoniously with any office environment.

  • Locking case construction gives you tamper-proof protection


A closer look at quality...
Just flip back the head of a Widmer Time Stamp and you'll see why Widmer is the industry leader  in reliability and durability. 

  Chromate-plated time and date wheels last longer, and stay clearer, providing years of consistently clean, crisp, impression.

� Stamping imprint can be adjusted anywhere from page edge to a depth of 2 3/8".

� Widmer exclusive finger indent design gives you more room to insert and stamp the smallest of documents, such as parking stubs.

� Your choice of fixed or removable brass impression plates ... or a combination of both.

� Block style letters, or your personal logo on a brass die impression plate, for above and / or below, the time and date line.

Model  T-3  (without clock face)

               Cash Price   $485

Model T-LED-3 

  Same as T-3 with Lighted Digital Time Display                 Cash Price   $512

Model T-RSU-3

Same as T-3 with removable upper die 

               Cash Price   $554

Shipping Weight: 18 lbs. 
Dimensions: 14"H x 9"W x 10"D
Sample Imprint  (engraved text die plates above and below date time line are optional)


2001 JAN 20 PM 12:34


    See Sample Custom Imprints

    See Widmer Warranty

    Maintenance Agreement & Price

Options:      See Options pricing      

  • A variety of time imprints, military, Julian, etc. see list and prices

  • LED clock face, which can be synchronized with imprint time. Order Model T-LED-3 
  • FIXED ENGRAVED UPPER and/or LOWER DIE PLATES (up to three lines each)
  • WORD ROLL - 6 sided; takes place of upper die plate.
  • REVERSE PRINT - ( for locating imprint at the bottom of a document)
  • TOUCH BAR - Can be supplied with or without trigger trip (specify)
  • PUSH BUTTON - for manual stamping (specify).
  • EXTENDED TRIGGER - for print location less than 1 3/16" from edge of paper
  • PAPER GUIDE - Sample form must be submitted with order
  • VISUAL COUNTER - 5 digit, re-settable.
  • ELECTRIC SECURITY OFF/ON  LOCK - Prevents unauthorized stamping

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Date wheels have a 10 year cycle.  If yours will not print the current year, the date wheel needs to be replaced with a new 10 years wheel.  SEE DETAILS