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M13The Formax Cut-True 13M Tabletop Paper Cutter is rugged and compact with a hardened steel blade and LED Laser Line for precision cutting with minimal effort. Simply load a stack of paper, up to 14.5” wide, secure with the clamp, and pull down
on the lever arm; it’s that easy. The back gauge and calibrated scales allow operators to make fine adjustments, while the Laser Line shows exactly where the blade will cut, making crisp accurate cuts every time. In addition to accuracy, the Cut-True 13M has a range of safety features including front and rear transparent covers, blade lock, external blade depth adjustment, and easy-to-use blade changing handles. The Cut-True 13M cuts stacks up to .75” high and is ideal for small print shops and others who want to produce professional-quality brochures, invitations and more

SPECIFICATIONS                                                                                                     STANDARD FEATURES    
Cutting Action Manual lever handle
YELLOW Guillotine cutter accurately cuts through paper
stacks up to .75” high, up to 14.5” wide
 YELLOW LED Laser cut line for pinpoint accuracy
 YELLOW High-quality steel blade
 YELLOW Front and rear safety covers
 YELLOW Two-handed cutter arm and safety switch operation
 YELLOW Easy-to-use clamping system
 YELLOW Calibrated scale for fine adjustments, in both
inches and metric
 YELLOW Solid steel blade carrier 
 YELLOW  External blade depth adjustment 
 YELLOW Complete tool kit for adjustments and maintenance

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Maximum Cutting Width 14.5” (370mm)    
Maximum Paper Stack Height: 75” (19mm)    
Cutting Length Behind Blade 10.5” (267mm)    
Narrow Cut 1.25" (267mm)    
LED Laset Cut Line Yes    
Clamp Style Lever    
Back Gauge  Adjustment Thumbscrew    
Back Gauge Reading Scale, in both inches and metric    
Blade Change Handles Included    
Dimensions 12.75"H x 18.75"W x 16.5"D    
Weight 38 lbs
Safety Certifications CE approved    

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