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Since 1977, Lathem synchronous wall clock systems have been used in schools, hospitals, airports and other large

institutions that rely on accuracy from clock to clock. Lathem Wall Clocks are perfect for any location. A variety of

 models are available as either digital or analog wall clocks.  Also wireless remote control models are available.

 Mounting options allow clocks to be installed on walls or ceilings.

Analog Wired Wall Clocks - Available in two standard face styles - 12-hour Arabic and 24-hour Arabic - these electric clocks feature fine brass movements that provide silent, trouble-free operation.                   

Standard Independent Stand-alone Models (not connected to a system)   ...more

Secondary Corrective Models  (to be wired to a system) ...more


Digital Wired Display Clocks - A 9-volt battery provides continuous timekeeping during AC power failures. An optional RS485 port allows automatic correction from Lathem's Mini-Master or the Omni:Chron II.        > More details

AIRTIME Wireless Wall Clock System Products

Wireless Clocks - No wires... no worries. RC Series Wireless Clocks are battery or solar operated and get atomic clock synchronization using Lathem's GPS remote control.    more details

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