Cassida C850 heavy duty coin counter

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Count on the C850 for real performance

The Cassida C850 makes quick work of your coin processing, giving you options for counting, wrapping, off-sorting and bagging. With its extended motorized hopper the C850 holds up to 6500 coins, allowing you to fill and step away while it counts at a rapid 1900 coins per minute.

  • Rapidly counts large volumes of single denomination coins
  • Dual speed motorized hopper allows the C850 to run virtually jam free
  • Bagging and rejects are done at the front of the machine for excellent ergonomics
  • Counts continuously up to 9,999,999 coins
  • Engineered for both heavy duty use AND easy operation
  • Plastic coin tube set (included FREE through 1/31/15) speeds wrapping in paper tubes. Includes penny, nickel, dime and quarter tubes 
  • Batch, add and memory functions to speed processing

If you need a machine to better manage your coin processing operations, the C850 is what you've been waiting for.


Customer feedback led to C850

We listened to your feedback, so we designed the C850 with these two main features you've asking for in a heavy duty coin sorter:

  • A 2-speed motorized hopper that prevents jamming
  • Forward facing coin reject allows counting at the front of a table or counter, instead of at the corner.


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Cassida C850

Heavy Duty

Coin Counter








10.5"W x 13.5"H x 13.4"D

26.5 W x 34 H x 34 D (cm)



19.4 lbs / 8.8 kg



AC 110-60Hz



Thickness: 1.0--3.5 mm

Diameter: 15--35 mm