ScanCoin SC 1600 Currency Counter


  • High Throughput
  • Advanced Size Detection
  • Superior Accuracy
  • Flexible Batching
  • LCD Display
  • Portable
  • User Friendly
  • sc1600

    Back-office equipment for note handling

    SCAN COIN banknote counters are highly versatile and offer a wide selection of functions for counting and identifying damaged and counterfeit bank notes. Some features are additional size detection, length - long side, (3D), magnetic ink counterfeit detection with double MG heads (MG), magnetic metal thread detection (MT) and multiple channel infrared detection (IR).

    The SC 1600 series is the successor to the widely used SC 1500, a versatile desktop currency counter from SCAN COIN. Standard features include continuous counting as well as variable batching, configured for maximum throughput.

    SC 1600 Standard Counter Cash Price  $588 buy

    The new SC 1600 series has kept the good qualities of the predecessor, and improved others. Better and more sensors vouch for even higher accuracy, new electronics give increased stability, and the new software package has dramatically modernised the machine.

    That in combination with its excellent features for counterfeit detection makes this machine an excellent partner!

    SC 1600 UV, IR & MG
    "Special Order" 3-4 weeks
    Cash Price  $1,150 buy  
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