Top Loaders vs. Back Loaders
Top Loader
top loading
Back Loader

back loading


Bill counters are built with one of two different feeding mechanisms — top loaders and back loaders. Each has its own advantages:

Top Loaders
• Ergonomic loading means no reach over to load
• Bills don’t need to be stacked as neatly as on back loaders
• Count more bills and larger stacks at once
• Continuously feed bills while counting 
• Can often have multiple counting speeds

Cassida top load bill counters: 5700, 6600 series, Adventec 75 series, 85 series


Back Loaders
• Bills must be stacked neatly
• More economically priced, due to simpler engineering
• Count fewer bills at once
• Counting speed is not adjustable

Cassida back load bill counters: Tiger Series, 5520 series

Both top loaders and back loaders count accurately and can achieve excellent speeds. The major differences between the two types of feeding are price and individual preference.