Intimus 14.95  1/4" X 2" (6X50 mm) Cross Cut Shredder

The Intimus Model 14.95 Industrial Shredder by Martin Yale is designed for ease of use mobility, high volume performance and versatility. This shredder is designed to fit perfectly through standard doors and shreds crumble paper flawlessly. Cutting speed is 55-60 feed per minute. 17-inch wide feed opening. Capacity through put from 800-1,000 pounds per hour. 53-gallon waste bin opens all the way for easy access and disposal. Designed for easy operation with conveyor belt feed system. Unique paddle wheel for shredding crinkled and crumbled paper unlike other shredders that works only with flat or sorted papers. It has easy to use and understand controls with easy to see lights for power on, paper jam and bin door open. Safety features include master locking switch with key, reverse function, auto off if waste bin is opened and thermal sensor motor protection. Optional accessories are waste bailer, feed table expander, emergency front stop bar and waste door hinge kit to reverse door sides. This heavy duty shredder is near enough to fit through standard doors and is on lockable casters for easy movement. The Intimus Model 14.95 Industrial Shredder by Martin Yale is perfect for mail rooms, shredding in large offices and financial institutions."


Cut Type cross-cut
Security Level2
Shred Width 1/4"
Shred Length 2"
Sheet Capacity (maximum) 130
Bin Capacity (gallons) 53
Throat Size 17"
Shred Speed (Feet per minute) 59
Motor (Horse  Power) 10
Continuous Motor Yes
Will Shred Paper, CD's, Credit Cards, Staples, Paper Clips
Automatic Oiler Optional
Voltage 200-240 (special power requirements)
Manufactured in Germany
Manufacturer Intimus
Manufacture's Part Number 698924
Model 14.95cc
Dimensions 66" x 31" x 65"
Condition New
Net Weight (pounds) 977
Shipping Weight (pounds) 1,125
Warranty 1 year parts & labor 
5 yrs cutting cylinders