intimus 16 Series Large Industrial Shredders are best-in-class for the complete disposal of paper-based data. With German engineering, these heavy duty large volume industrial conveyor-feed shredders by Intimus are the strongest and most reliable machines in their class. The high-horsepowered motors can shred large amounts of material for hours on end. The internal workings are built with extremely large and durable metal gears and chain drives. For decades, the intimus 16 Series heavy duty shredders have proven to be the cornerstone for the privacy-friendly disposal of disused media. The line now comes standard with Touchscreen Controls, with session logging, maintenance reminders, and increased cutting efficiency.  With SmartShred electronic automation, the 16.86 will perform longer and have far fewer service calls than competitive products.ange offers variations that can handle up to 550 sheets at a time or up to 1,500 lbs per hour.  On the larger cut sizes metal ringed binders can be destroyed complete without removing pages or dividers. The spacious feed table with integrated infeed conveyor belt provides controlled, effortless, safe and fast loading. A standard safety feature to intimus but uncommon in competitive units, is the chest bar that shuts down the conveyor and cutting head when the chest of the user leans too close the cutting head.  This is a great safety feature for users not accustomed to the power of an industrial shredder.  In the 16.50 series, the shredded material is collected in large-scale, mobile containers under the cutting mechanism.  The 16.86 combines the shredder with a press baler for immediate fully automatic compaction of the cut material into compact bales. Reduction effect compared to the loose collection of the cuttings is about 70%.
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intimus 14.95
Intimus 14.95
 6x50 mm Shredder

  1/4" x 2" Cross Cut,
 Security Level 3

Cash Price $8,628 
with oiler $9,249

Intimus 16.50 6x50 mm Smart Shred Shredder
0.24" x 1.97"
Security Level 3
Cash Price $18,909  buy

  intimus16.50   intimus16.50   intimus16.50  
Intimus 16.50 10x70 Smart Shred Shredder
0.39" x 2.76"  Security Level 2Cash Price $18,809  buyMORE INFORMATION
Intimus 14.87  6x50 Shredder without Baler
x 1.97" Security Level 3
Cash Price $9,072  buy MORE INFORMATION
Intimus 14.87 3.8x40 Shredder without Baler
1/4" x 2"  Security Level 4
Cash Price $9,349  buyMORE INFORMATION
  High Volume Shredder and Baler Combinations

The Shredder/Baler Combination automatically compresses the shredded material into compact bales, reducing the volume of shredded material by about 70% as compared with collecting it in loose form. In this professional solution the shredder and baler operate in tandem. Shredder loading can continue while the baler is compressing the material. An audible “bale completed” signal sounds and the bale is ejected from the compacting chamber at the press of a button.

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  ♦Vacuum Kit 
♦Dust  Extractors for
Models 14.87, 16.50, or 16.87
 ♦Jet Dust Extractor                   
  intimus 14.87   intimus 14.87  
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Intimus 14.87
 Shredder with 870 Baler

Strip Cut width: 5.8 mm  (1/4")
Security Level: P2

Intimus 14.87
   Shredder with 870 Baler

Cros Cut width: 6 x50 mm  (1/4"x 2")
Security Level: 3P-4

Cash Price $21,999  buy Cash Price $22,999  buy
  intimus 16.87   intimus 16.87  

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Intimus 16.86 Smart Shred
 Shredder with 870 Baler

Cut width: 6 mm x 50 mm
Security Level 3P-4

Intimus 16.86 Smart Shred
Shredder with 870 Baler

Cut width: 11.8 mm (1/2")

Security Level: P1

Cash Price $26,999  buy Cash Price $27,499  buy  
intimus14.00 intimus14.00


  Intimus VZ14.00
2 x 15 mm
 Cross Cut 
Shredder only
Security Level 4
  Intimus VZ14.00
 2 x 4.5 mm
Cross Cut
 Shredder only

Security Level 5
  Intimus VZ14.00 (2 stage)
      2 x 15 & 2 x 4.5 mm
      Cross Cut Shredder with Baler
Cash Price $31,699  buy  Cash Price $33,599  buy  Cash Price $47,099  buy
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