How to Choose the Right Shredder for Your Needs
Properly destroying sensitive information has become a vital necessity in today's environment. Whether its personal credit cards statements or professional company information, using a shredder can help protect you against unauthorized use of your information.

To help you choose the best shredder to fit your application, there are three simple questions that need to be answered. They are:

shredder group
  How Much Will You Be Shredding Each Day?
Personal Shredders: Up to 100 sheets per day
Small Office Shredders: Between 100 and 400 sheets per day
Office Shredders: Between 400 and 2,000 sheets per day
Departmental Shredders: Between 2,000 and 12,000 sheets per day
High Capacity Shredders: Between 12,000 sheets and 28,000 sheets per day
Industrial Shredders Between 28,000 sheets and 2 tons of paper per day
  What Level of Security Do You Need?
Security Level 1: For shredding general internal documents  
Security Level 2: For shredding sensitive internal documents  
Security Level 3: For shredding confidential documents  
Security Level 4: For shredding secret documents  
Security Level 5: Espionage safe for extremely high demands of security  
High Security Level 6:
NSA/CSS 02-01:
Highest security level for the secure destruction of Top Secret COMSEC documents  
  Do You Prefer Strip Cut or Cross Cut?
      strip cut title strip cut   cross cut title cross cut  
        Documents are cut into thin unreadable pieces. Generally the strips will be as long as the document.     Documents are cut in two directions and produce smaller particles which provides greater security.