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Pressure Sealers for One-Piece Mailers

For the last decade, Formax AutoSeal pressure sealers have been the choice for Fortune 500 companies to schools and small businesses to fold and seal one-piece mailers. Pressure seal one-piece mailers are the ultimate solution for any business document that can be printed on one piece of paper. Eliminate the need for envelopes and provide a much faster, cost-effective solution to inserting equipment or folding and stuffing by hand. Popular applications include invoices, appointment notices, checks, grade reports, utility bills, W-2's, direct mail advertising, and rebates. See Specifications


Formax offers a complete line of advanced desktop inserters capable of automating the tedious task of hand-folding and inserting documents into envelopes. All Formax inserters incorporate leading-edge technology to provide a flexible, dependable,cost-effective solution for your organization's mailing needs.

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Folding paper by hand is a tedious, inefficient task that can be automated by an easy to use and cost-effective Formax folder. A complete line of Formax folders is available to meet your needs, from desktop to production-level capacities.

Models: FD 300 | FD 314 | FD 324 | FD 346 | FD 386 | FD 38X | FD 3300 | ATLAS | ATLAS-AS



Formax tabbing systems make quick work of applying postal tabs to folded mail pieces. Using "crash tab" technology, the edge of the mail piece is fed into the system where it contacts an adhesive tab and travels through a set of rollers where the tab is neatly folded and sealed, creating a mail-ready piece.

Models: FD 262 | FD 282

FD 452 Envelope Opener

The FD 452 is a versatile, easy to use envelope opener ideal for the office environment. Process mixed  incoming mail quickly and efficiently with no mess. FD 452



FD 430 Envelope Sealer 

Forget the days of hand-sealing envelopes, and let the Formax FD 430 seal your mail in the blink of an eye. The Formax FD 430 Envelope Sealer closes and seals envelopes in a single pass. Simply place a stack of envelopes in the infeed tray, choose a processing speed with the adjustable control knob and in seconds, envelopes are sealed and ready for the mail. Users can seal envelopes up to 9.75” wide, up to 16 mm thick, at speeds up to 18,000 envelopes per hour. Model: FD 430

Formax FD120

FD 120 Card / Photo Cutter - Slitter

Ideal for processing color business cards, postcards, greeting cards and photos, right from your desktop. The FD 120 automatically cuts and slits documents and stacks them in sequential order at speeds of up to 130 business cards per minute and the ability to cut letter and legal size paper, up to 130 lb. Optional interchangeable slit/score/perforation cassettes offer even greater productivity. Model: FD 120

Cut Sheet Burster and Cutter

Formax cut-sheet bursters are ideal finishing solutions when multiple forms are printed on a preperforated page. Low volume desktop models and high-volume production models are available.

Burtster Models: FD 4170  | FD 4400  Cutter FD 574 


Formax Paper Joggers square forms and help to eliminate static electricity from printed documents. The jogging process helps with consistent feeding of documents or forms through inserters, pressure sealers, folders and more. Vibration only and Vibration and Air joggers are available to best suit your processing needs.

Models: FD 4002P1  |  FD 402P3  |  FD 402E2  |  FD 402A1  |  FD 402TA1     


Continuous Form Bursters

Formax Bursters are used to separate or "break apart" continuous feed business forms or computer paper at the horizontal perforation. Four different models of Industrial Bursters are available to fit almost any environment and each model can be custom ordered. 



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